Free resources from Microsoft on Windows Containers and .Net Microservices

Microsoft support for containers started with Windows Server 2016. You can now build and run Docker containers in Windows 10 too. Microsoft has provided free resources for developers and IT professionals to help migrate to this new technology easily. Following are some of these resources.

  • Free ebook: Introduction to Windows Containers

Introduces what containers are and compares it with the other technologies like hardware virtualization. It also describes what Docker provides and how it can be used to manage Windows containers. At the end it covers how to build and deploy a Windows containers.

  • Free eBook on “Containerized Docker Application Lifecycle with Microsoft Tools and Platform”

Describes the various microsoft tooling available for managing the Docker based containers.

  • .NET Microservices - Architecture for Containerized .NET Applications

This is a guidance provided by microsoft for building .Net Microservices utilizing the Container technology. It covers the approach to be taken for deciding between the .Net Core vs .Net Framework while building microservices. Also explains how to migrate legacy applications to the Container environments.

It also provides reference implementation of Microservice using .Net Core and Docker. Source code available at this location


Please let me know if you come across any other resources. Also, please let me know if this information was useful to you.

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