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I am an Entrepreneur, Inventor, Author, Trainer, Manager and Architect.

I have M. Tech. from IIT Kharagpur and am the inventor of US Patent (Number: 6,609,084, Issue Date: August 19, 2003).

In my professional experience of 20+ years I had managed, architected, designed, developed and deployed solutions/products in the ePayments, Digital Signage, Rich Media Management and other domains. I had extensively used many of the architectural patterns, design patterns and principles to create extensible, scalable and reusable solutions. I had also successfully imparted the knowledge and experience to many professionals through many training and workshops and have helped them achieve more than what they used to do earlier. I had worked on many technologies that include C, C++, JAVA, C#, Design Patterns, Architectural Patterns, Windows Azure, Windows Phone 8, Windows Media DRM, UNIX, Clearcase etc.

Experienced in Marketing, Business Development, Sales in addition to the above.

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