List of scenarios where Docker for Windows can be utilized

Docker platform was built on use cases derived from running large scale services on Linux platform. It is obvious that the scenarios where Linux is most popular is not in the desktop end but on the server side applications. Due to this Docker in specific and Containers in general have been designed and are most apt for the background services like Web API, Web Server etc. which do not have desktop experience.

When the Docker is used in the Windows platform, it addresses only subset of the cases where large scale applications are concerned. Since containers were not designed with the desktop experience in mind it is not suitable for Windows Forms and WPF applications. But, it is well suited for ASP.Net applications (both Web and Web API), WCF services and Console application that do not need user inputs.

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HTTP Header Referer

The HTTP Header “Referer” is used maily to detect the URL from which a page is loaded.

But there are times when this header is not passed. This also can be spoofed using some plug-ins.


This article has more details on this.

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Monitor android device web traffic

Some times we need to monitor the web traffic going from inside the Android device to various services on the internet. This can be achieved by using a PC and Fiddler software to act as a proxy in between the android device and the internet.

The following articles show the simple way to set this up.

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