Shortcut to get current machine IP address

Search for machine IP address On windows when you want to know the machine IP address you typically┬átype ipconfig. This command provides too much of text and you literally have to go through all the junk to find the text that contains the IP address. Here is a tip to extract the IP address from … Read more

Tips for gitignore files

git ignore error

Here are some tips for using git ignore files in your projects. I will keep updating this list so keep checking. 1. Creating .gitignore in Windows Explorer If you are trying to create .gitignore from the windows explorer windows throws an error. This is because of historic reasons that file name before the extension cannot … Read more

Docker to increase your productivity

Docker usage in the development and test environment can save you lot of effort and time. Windows containers are new and are still evolving. Using them requires a big change in the mindset. To begin with, the team could start using the docker in the development process to get familiar with the Windows containers.This article talks about … Read more