Shortcut to get current machine IP address

Search for machine IP address

On windows when you want to know the machine IP address you typically type ipconfig. This command provides too much of text and you literally have to go through all the junk to find the text that contains the IP address.

Here is a tip to extract the IP address from the output generated by this command. Type this command at the command prompt.

How this works?

The output of the ipconfig command is piped to the the next command through the '|' symbol. The next command is 'findstr'. This command searches for a substring in the given text. It works more like the 'grep' command in Unix/Linux.

The option '/i' does a case insensitive search.

This command extracts the line that contains the text 'ipv4' while doing a cases insensitive search.

The command output looks something like this

ipconfig shortcut

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