Deep Learning

Deep Learning presentation

Past few months I have been delving into the AI, ML and Deep Learning and related topics. My interest got triggered after coming across a session on that is a free Deep Learning framework from Jeremy Howard. Here is the link to the online course.


In my college days we had customary lab assignment and competition to build AI based Machine vs Machine game of checkers. This involved using AI game trees (Min Max trees) to look ahead and evaluate board positions and choosing the right moves that will lead to a favorable board position. Our team won the competition by beating the opponent team. We had plans to use machine learning to improve the performance but had to stop due the time constraints as this was just a lab assignment.

Current Status

Fast forward two decades, I am back into rediscovering the AI with new enhancements made possible due to the advent of Cloud Computing and the availability of cheaper GPUs. Now the super computing is accessible to general public. The research in the AI domain has also undergone tremendous improvements leading to lot of optimizations and specialized neural networks to solve specific problems.

Enthusiastic to know about the latest developments, I enrolled myself into the Machine Learning course by Andrew Ng at Coursera. This course was mostly theory with weekly assignments. This is a good foundation to start learning Machine Learning.

Deep Learning Presentation

Based on whatever knowledge I have gained, I decided to give a presentation in the Hyderabad Software Architects group. This turned out to be a great success which led me to plan for a presentation on the Deep Learning. It took a lot of effort to understand the various options available in building Deep Learning networks. Finally, I gave a presentation on Deep Learning. Walking Tree Tech was kind enough to provide the venue.

My presentation was telecast live on Facebook. The recording of which is available at here.

As part of the demo, I have trained a Convolutional Neural Network using Keras with the Microsoft CNTK as the back-end. I have used the Azure Deep Learning Virtual machine to do the training. This Virtual Machine comes with NVidia K80 GPU. Using the GPU for training speeds up the training time.

The slides for the Deep Learning session are here.

The session was a great success. The interactive discussions helped everyone. I am planning to give some more sessions on Deep Learning which will delve into different Deep Learning architectures.

To summarize my experience and continue my commitment to blog at least once a week I am writing this blog on the session.

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Awesome course on blogging to increase your market value

I have been writing blogs on and off since 2004. My first blog also won me a prize. My intention behind starting a blog was to share my experiences as software professional. I used to hear about how people used to make tons of money through theirs blogs. I used to wonder how this is possible.

Few of my friends suggested that writing quality posts can get you some rewards. Some of them have even got Microsoft MVP awards. Their blogs have helped them in showing their skills.

I was looking for some guidance on having an effective blog that can reach a large audience.

Recently I received an email about the skills that a software developer needs to a have these days to survive in the ever changing IT changing industry. When I started looking for more information about the author, I found out it was none other than Jon Sonmez. I had been a subscriber of his site since few years. The site has many useful resources for new and seasoned software professionals that will help them in increasing their market value and also to be effective in their careers.

While looking up the courses that are offered at this site one particular course caught my eye. This was what I was looking for. This was a course about building an effective blog to boost your career. I purchased the course immediately. Here is the link to the course.

This is a 5-part email course on building a blog to boost one’s software development career. I got the lessons twice weekly through emails. I was impressed by how systematic that course is. After practicing the homework I was able to come up with lot more topics than I had previously thought to blog on. It also helped me to be regular at blogging with the schedule I committed to.

I am now sure that this blog will help me reach out to larger audience and also help me get the recognition for my skills.

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