Happy 10th Birthday Microsoft Azure!!!

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Introduction In the year 2008, Microsoft started working on a project codenamed “Project Red Dog”. This was an operating system for the Cloud. This was to compete with Amazon WebServices (AWS) which was launched in 2006 and quickly got so popular that everyone wanted to say that we use AWS. Microsoft later renamed this OS … Read more

SyncFusion Succinctly Series Free Technical Books

SyncFusion Succinctly Series of eBooks, located here , are by far the best source of free technical eBooks. They have over 150+ books written on popular software-related topics. Each book is around 100+ pages and covers the important aspects of a particular technology. These ebooks are available for download the following formats PDF format for … Read more

Learning List to Pick from for the year 2020

Prepare your own learning list from the list I have prepared by looking at the technologies in 2019. I have included the evergreen technologies list Angular, ReactJS but also emerging ones like AutoML. Machine/Deep Learning Python Tensorflow AutoML H20.ai Google Cloud AutoML TransmogrifAI Auto Keras Front End JavaScript TypeScript Angular ReactJS Mobile Dart Flutter Cloud … Read more